caloncho returns with a fresh tropical sound on shulaguapa alongside gabacho image003 1160x700 1

Percussive guitars along with subtle strums, mixed with keyboard sounds, percussions and an unmistakable voice, transport us to the beach, through a melody that hypnotizes us and makes us dream.

This is exactly where the new single, “Shulaguapa”, by Caloncho, one of the most important Mexican artists in recent years transports us.

After a few singles that led the singer-songwriter from Obregon to explore other sounds he returns home to familiar sounds that he has become well-known for and made him a household name in the national scene: a wonderful mix of beach vibes and sounds taken directly from the 60’s and 70’s in order to create a unique musical universe.

“Shulaguapa” can be considered from now on as an added touch to Caloncho’s style: With a long journey already traveled, the artist has the advantage of using all his talents when putting together truly hypnotic melodies and rhythms, thanks to his musical knowledge from years of experience in his career: while the “off” guitar is mixed with different percussions, some lashes close to the steel guitar appear to generate an atmosphere that cannot be other than sand and salt. 

Experimental effects were added to the initial arrangements, that demonstrate the artistic ambition behind the songwriter who not only revisits the style that started his career, but also pushes him towards new places. The appearance of extravagant elements such as keyboards and other strings gives the piece a greater impact, as well as a narrated voice, makes it clear that Caloncho is an artist in full musical maturity, each element is placed almost in a goldsmith way with a single purpose: to make the listener be transported to a paradisiacal coast. 

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The new single, “Shulaguapa” is accompanied by a new video, where we see a couple walking and living their love in the same idyllic setting; a place where the sea, the sand, the palm trees and the sun witness the adventures of two people who are devoted to their passions. We are talking about the sublime Acapulco.

With all these virtues, Caloncho demonstrates not only that he will continue to consolidate himself as a one-of-a-kind songwriter, but that we are about to contemplate new reaches of his musical capacity. A sea in which, without a doubt, we want to immerse ourselves.

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