Viral phenomenon, Isaac y Nora who released their debut album, “Love & Latin Studies” a few weeks ago unveil new video for the song, “Hasta La Raíz”, the hit song by Natalia Lafourcade.

The video was filmed in Madrid, Spain at the iconic palace, Casa de América and produced by Madame VodevilIsaac y Nora were accompanied by the Spanish duo, Fetén Fetén who they will be touring with in September throughout Spain and who accompany the French siblings in their album.

The 10 and 13 year-old siblings are fans of the Mexican Singer-Songwriter Natalia Lafourcade and chose to do a new version of, Hasta La Raiz because it is one of their favorite songs of all time and felt that it fell in the category of new and classic Latin American songs.

“I love the song!” I also like to sing, “Nunca Es Suficiente”, but that song is not on our album”, commented Nora in Spanish during an interview with La Opinión.

This song along with 10 incombustible classics take on a new life but they also served as an exercise that helped to recover the fundamental cultural memory of the Latin American musical repertoire without any plan or ambition. Some of the songs Isaac y Nora were taught include icons such as Violeta Parra, Lucho Bermúdez, María Teresa Vera, Carlos Mejía Godoy or Natalia Lafourcade and now form part of their debut album, “Latin & Love Studies”.

Latin & Love Studies is a powerful and universal album filled with a melting pot of sounds. The album updates classic songs that are more than fifty or sixty years old into a new youthful repertoire for younger audiences.

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