Rawayana celebrates 4/20, the munchies and our primitive human impulses with their new single “Double-Cheese & Bacon.” The Venezuelan artist collective collaborated with Irepelusa, Jambene, Willie Deville and Veztalone to create this track and video which was shot in Mexico City.  “Double-Cheese & Bacon” is a bonus track that will not be included in upcoming studio album, ‘Cuando Los Acéfalos Predominan’ coming out at the end of May.
Some human impulses have a lot in common. When certain stimuli unleash that uncontrollable and particular craving to satisfy our hunger, as occurs with the lust that a special person arouses, any analysis of the convenience and consequence of satisfying those needs that seem to overcome the physiological become unimportant. There is only now, and it must be enjoyed. ‘Double-Cheese & Bacon’ captures these very human and primitive emotions,” explains Rawayana

The video for “Double-Cheese and Bacon,” which was directed by Point Media Label and produced by Brocoli Records, shows Rawayana, Irepelusa and Jambene performing the song in the kitchen of Caterbox alongside Willie Deville and Veztalone.  

The collective revealed the artwork for their new album last week alongside a manifesto that explains the concept of the album, which Rawayana describes as “a journey of collective introspection.” 

The collective’s vocalist, Beto Montenegro, also participated in ‘Adios Venezuela’ the emotional episode of the show Real America with Jorge Ramos which focused on the Temporary Protected Status that the Biden administration granted Venezuelans last month to protect the thousands living in the US.

This group of young creators has excelled as one of the most renowned projects in the Latin music industry by merging different world rhythms with a hint of psychedelia, captivating thousands with their audiovisual approach and consequently amassing +440M Global Streams and +320M views of their visuals.

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