French President Emmanuel Macron recently found himself at the center of a controversy following the emergence of a video clip showing him consuming a Corona beer in 17 seconds. The incident occurred in the locker room of Toulouse, where Macron was seen celebrating with the rugby players post-match. Encouraged by the team’s coaching staff and players, Macron finished the entire bottle in one go.

The Backlash

The video sparked a political debate revolving around excessive alcohol consumption and accusations of “toxic masculinity”. Sandrine Rousseau, a representative of the Green Party, criticized Macron’s actions, labeling it as an image of “toxic masculinity in political leadership”. However, Jean-René Cazeneuve, a representative of Macron’s centrist party, defended the President, stating that he was merely partaking in the team’s traditions and sharing their joy.

Public Perception and Health Concerns

Despite the criticism, some argue that this incident could potentially boost Macron’s public image. Macron, who has previously faced criticism for being disconnected from ordinary people, is known for his love of sports. He has made several appearances to support the national football team and deliver motivational speeches. However, health experts have criticized Macron’s behavior, arguing that as a role model, he should set a healthier example.

Alcohol Consumption in France

While alcohol consumption has decreased in France over the years, it still causes a significant number of deaths due to excessive consumption. This incident has brought the issue of alcohol consumption back into the spotlight, raising questions about the role of public figures in promoting responsible drinking habits.

The incident involving Macron’s swift consumption of a Corona beer has stirred up a significant amount of controversy. While some view it as a display of toxic masculinity and irresponsible behavior, others see it as a relatable act that could potentially enhance Macron’s public image. Regardless of the differing opinions, the incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing debate surrounding alcohol consumption in France and the role of public figures in setting examples for the public.

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