In a world where technological advancements are shaping the future, OpenAI, a leading company in Generative Artificial Intelligence platforms, and its CEO, Sam Altman, have made significant strides. This year, the buzz around ChatGPT has been undeniable, marking a milestone for the company. Yet, with the vast expenses and challenges faced, including potential regulatory hurdles and transparency issues, OpenAI stands at a crossroads. The financial landscape suggests a pressing need for capital, with some even predicting a potential bankruptcy by 2024.

However, amidst these challenges, Sam Altman has taken a bold step in a direction seemingly unrelated to Artificial Intelligence. His new focus? Addressing human aging and, in an ideal scenario, extending human life.

Retro Biosciences: The Quest for Extended Life

MIT Technology Review recently unveiled Sam Altman’s new ventures, revealing substantial investments made by the OpenAI co-founder. Reportedly, Altman has channeled significant funds into two distinct projects, both diverging from his AI pursuits but equally groundbreaking: unlimited energy and extended lifespan.

Of particular interest is Retro Biosciences, a project to which Altman has reportedly committed a staggering USD $180 million. The company’s mission is clear and ambitious. They aim to “identify and demonstrate anti-aging mechanisms in non-human mammals and then translate these scientific strategies to humans.” In essence, while the goal isn’t necessarily “immortality,” the endeavor seeks to increase the average maximum age, ensuring that we live longer, fuller lives.

The Implications of Extended Life

While the concept of living beyond the average human lifespan is intriguing, it brings forth a myriad of questions. What quality of life can one expect after crossing the century mark? How will society adapt to a population that lives significantly longer? And most importantly, how close are we to making this vision a reality?

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