When it comes to making a statement with your footwear as a parent, Puma is a brand that never disappoints nor in price nor in style. In this article, we’ll delve into five of Puma’s most popular sneakers, exploring their unique features and discussing why they are must-haves for your collection. Let’s get started!

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Teveris Nitro Blank Canvas Sneakers

Click to see in Puma's Store
Click to see in Puma’s Store

Step up your sneaker game with the Teveris Nitro Blank Canvas Sneakers. These stylish kicks boast a sleek, minimalist design that is perfect for those who appreciate a clean, modern aesthetic. Featuring PUMA’s NITRO Foam technology, these sneakers offer exceptional cushioning and responsiveness, ensuring a comfortable and smooth stride.

Teveris Nitro Metallic Women’s Sneakers

Click to see in Puma's Store
Click to see in Puma’s Store

Shine bright with the Teveris Nitro Metallic Women’s Sneakers. The eye-catching metallic accents and bold colorways make these sneakers a true showstopper. With a sleek silhouette and PUMA’s signature NITRO Foam technology, you’ll enjoy the perfect blend of style and comfort.

PUMA x TMC RS-Fast Sneakers

Celebrate the life and legacy of Nipsey Hussle with the PUMA x TMC RS-Fast Sneakers. These sneakers are a collaboration between PUMA and The Marathon Clothing, featuring a sleek design and unique branding elements inspired by Nipsey’s vision. With the RS-Fast’s signature cushioning and a lightweight design, you’ll experience unmatched comfort and performance.

PUMA x Rhuigi Slipstream Sneakers

Click to see in Puma's Store
Click to see in Puma’s Store

Experience a fresh take on a classic with the PUMA x Rhuigi Slipstream Sneakers. This collaboration with fashion designer Rhuigi Villaseñor brings a unique, high-fashion twist to the iconic PUMA Slipstream. With a blend of premium materials and bold design elements, these sneakers will make a statement wherever you go.

BMW M Motorsport TRC Mira Tech Motorsport Women’s Shoes

Click to See in Puma's Store
Click to see in Puma’s Store

Rev up your style with the BMW M Motorsport TRC Mira Tech Motorsport Women’s Shoes. These sneakers, designed in collaboration with BMW M Motorsport, feature a sleek, racing-inspired design and cutting-edge performance technology. With a lightweight yet supportive construction, you’ll feel as if you’re wearing a piece of motorsport history on your feet.

Product NameShort DescriptionPrice
Teveris Nitro Blank Canvas SneakersSleek, minimalist design with NITRO Foam$100.00
Teveris Nitro Metallic Women’s SneakersBold metallic accents and NITRO Foam$100.00
PUMA x TMC RS-Fast SneakersNipsey Hussle-inspired design and cushioning$120.00
PUMA x Rhuigi Slipstream SneakersHigh-fashion collaboration with Rhuigi Villaseñor$120.00
BMW M Motorsport TRC Mira Tech Women’s ShoesRacing-inspired design and performance technology$110.00

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