Radamel Falcao García continues to participate in Rayo Vallecano, since so far in the 2022-23 season, the 36-year-old has appeared in three games in the Spanish League (two as a substitute and one from the start).

Well, the Colombian has overcome physical discomfort and appears as one of the first options in the Rayistas’ attacking front, taking into account that since his arrival he has scored six goals.

Likewise, and in view of what Tigre represents – whom many label as the best striker in the history of Colombia – his teammates at Rayo have not overlooked his presence and what he generates internally.

And it is that in an interview with AS, Sergio Camello, a recent addition to the Red-and-Red discipline, commented: “It has surprised me. You see your idol as a child and you treat him with great respect, with fear, but in the end he is a person humble and always with a smile”.

However, Camello confessed that the samarium “has not yet given me advice, but seeing him on the field, how he moves and defines… is to make a master’s degree as a center forward”, showering the striker with praise.

Finally, the 21-year-old player revealed that being with one of his role models is a privilege, because “now he is the one with whom I compete for the position and I will do it with all the respect in the world. I think we will be alternating and each one will contribute what We know how to do the best and we are going to help the team”.

It should be remembered that the main intention of the Rayo Vallecano board, coaching staff and squad is to escape to the relegation zone, however, it is not ruled out that with the progress of La Liga, there is a change in the objective and it is aimed at qualifying for an international tournament.

Source: Antena 2

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