For Yaser Asprilla, who impressed with a good level in Colombian soccer playing with Envigado, a new story began to be written on an international level this Thursday. And it is that in the social networks of Watford it was shared a few minutes ago that the young footballer had already reached his discipline and was received by club personnel, fulfilling a goal in his short, but promising career

Asprilla was seen smiling, attentive and waiting for the instructions given to him at his new club, where they hope to finish his training, enhance his qualities and polish the only 18-year-old footballer.

With the oranges, the one born in Bajo Baudó showed his technical qualities and talent in offense between 2020 and 2022. In Envigado they even requested that they be allowed to have the player in the 2022 League I of Colombian soccer, as it happened.

During this Thursday, both Asprilla and Luis Sinisterra were the center of attention, appearing in English football clubs such as Watford and Leeds United, respectively.

This is Yaser Asprilla, according to DT Alberto Suárez

“Yaser Asprilla is in the same growth process. But I tell you that sometimes we are unfair, we forget that the one in front is another human being. Yaser has been receiving a lot of information, transforming behaviors. A lot of good things have happened to him and before the age of 18 he was sold to an English team. That is not his fault, he has been burning stages of development, with great abilities that he has, he lives a new life system, something that fell from the sky overnight. So that has to be understood. He is going to Europe and can become a benchmark in the football world, “he recently told Alberto Suárez, the Envigado coach who knows the player who went to Watford well.

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