salah the best in the premier

The Professional Footballers Association (PFA) chooses the best player of the year in the Premier League and this time, as happened in the 2017/18 season, it was awarded to Mohamed Salah to break the dominance of Kevin De Bruyne. Jürgen Klopp was satisfied by it.

The manager backed the choice for his footballer, who scored 23 goals throughout the campaign and finished as top scorer alongside Son Heung-min, although the Reds striker also had 13 assists, making him the most influential player .

“What I really like about this award is that it is voted for by the players. That is the only prize that should interest you”, said the German in dialogue with the club’s official website. In turn, he avoided referring to those who may question the decision.

“Whatever the fans say, your fans always say, ‘Oh, you’re the greatest,’ and everyone else says, ‘How can he win it?'” he maintained. Precisely, in that case, he stated: “So, in Mo’s case, obviously it’s the numbers, scoring goals.”

Mohamed Salah is an important piece in Klopp's Liverpool team
Mohamed Salah is an important piece in Klopp’s Liverpool team

“But scoring the most goals and having the most assists, with all the ups and downs during a season, everything I know about football, is a deserved winner,” said the manager. Salah also received the FWA award.

In addition, about his director, who managed to demonstrate his ability, he said: “I was incredibly excited about the opportunity to work with him. We talked, yes, it was a very good talk, but obviously we all need more time to get to know a person.”

“The moment I knew he would be exceptional, was when I met him as a person, because he is full of desire, he will never stop developing and he is a workhorse. I know we say it a lot, but he really is the first in is the last to leave,” he added.

Finally, Klopp finished: “If you tell Mo, due to the intensity of the matches, ‘he comes in now. Thank you very much’. ‘I’m fine, give me another 10 balls’. He absolutely deserves it, and that is why he is the second winner of this wonderful trophy. Well deserved, by the way.”

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