When I ask a foreigner what is the first image that comes to mind when I say Colombia, ninety percent answer Pablo Escobar, or something related to drugs and the other ten percent evade the issue because it is polite,  but at the end of the day we always get to the same thing; This  is more important for me, than it bothering me, as it opens the door to be able to tell the truth that does not appear in the news or in the movies, I love being able to explain how the drug trafficking business works and clear the name of the ordinary Colombian who is the one who pays for the broken dishes within the entire process. For some time now I have been living in a place that, probably like me before coming to live here, you have no idea, the only thing that came to mind when someone talked about Guaviare were all the images of the armed conflict that reigned for so long in this region of the country.

A few months ago due to destiny I had the opportunity to visit it and I have to say that I declare myself a number one fan, Guaviare is the door to the Amazon, a department that has plains, mountains, rock formations from millions of years ago; Rivers, streams, pipes, incredible nature and the history of our ancestors; It’s capital is a mixture of everything: you can see the settlers, the indigenous people, the peasants, the locals, and more and more foreigners; Here you dance Joropo llanero, you eat smoky fish, you drink chicha de chontaduro, asaí, plantain, yucca … and above all, the meaning of the word humidity is known.

Travel to San José is easy, it is seven and a half hours from Bogotá, it has a small offer of hotels, restaurants and travel agencies that will take you to all the adventures that this destination has to show; I, for my part, enjoyed and loved each of the experiences I had in this territory: The colors of Tranquilandia, the avatar landscape of the natural wells, the story that the City of Stone tells us, the experience of going swimming with the dolphins; I loved the kindness of its people, being able to walk in the rain and the security with which it is lived; So for that and for many other things, Guaviare is an unmissable travel destination for ecolovers, people who loves birding, archeaologist and adventure people.

[6:59 a. m., 23/4/2021] Nathaly Velasco: This sunday I am inviting you to explore the beautiful San José del Guaviare to show you this city that was revived from the cocaine era to tourism. See you at 9:00AM COL.

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