Throughout the years, Johnny Knoxville has performed countless daring stunts, leading many to wonder if he’s somehow indestructible. However, during the filming of the upcoming movie ‘Jackass Forever’, he faced a particularly perilous encounter with a bull. This incident not only shattered the illusion of his invulnerability but also highlighted the very real risks he takes.

Knoxville was charged by the bull, resulting in a fractured wrist, broken ribs, and a concussion that led to bleeding in his brain. Discussing the traumatic event on The Howard Stern Show, Knoxville revealed, “My cognitive abilities significantly declined after that hit.” He further elaborated that the impact from the bull was the worst he had ever experienced, even when compared to his previous stunts.

Following the accident, Knoxville underwent various treatments, including transcranial magnetic stimulation. This procedure involves stimulating the brain with magnets for about 30 minutes at a time, over a span of two months. It’s believed to aid with depression and cognitive abilities. Knoxville admitted, “It was tough coming back from it. I was trying to edit the movie at that time, but I couldn’t sit still.”

Reflecting on the severity of the stunt’s aftermath, he shared that he fell into a mild depression, something he hadn’t experienced before. “My brain played tricks on me. I became deeply depressed and overly focused on things. For the first time in my life, I had to start medication. It completely changed me, that and undergoing therapy. Recovering from this recent injury was extremely challenging, but now I’m doing better than ever.”

‘Jackass Forever’ is set to premiere in theaters on February 4th.

The Aftermath of the Incident

The repercussions of the accident were not just physical but also took a toll on Knoxville’s mental well-being. He confessed to falling into a mild depression, a feeling he hadn’t encountered before. The incident made him introspective, and he realized the importance of seeking help. For the first time, he turned to medication and therapy, which transformed his outlook on life. Today, he feels healthier than ever, a testament to his resilience and determination.

‘Jackass Forever’: A Testament to Knoxville’s Dedication

The upcoming movie ‘Jackass Forever’ is eagerly anticipated by fans worldwide. While the stunts are entertaining and often leave audiences in splits, they come with their share of risks. Knoxville’s recent injury underscores the dedication and passion he brings to his craft. As the film is set to hit theaters on February 4th, it serves as a reminder of the lengths artists go to for their art.

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Johnny Knoxville's Most Severe Injury on 'Jackass' 9

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