exclusive hillary clinton says us should not negotiate with iran while protests continue hillary clinton

“When Trump pulled us [out of the Iran nuclear deal], we lost the eyes we had on what they were doing in that country,” she added.

Clinton said the United States should not “give the impression” that it is seeking a deal [with Iran] at a time when the people of that country “stand up against their oppressors.”

“We are giving them hope and heart. I think we’re doing something else,” Clinton said. “We are sending a message to the few people possibly concerned about what is happening with the tens of thousands of Iranians imprisoned and the hundreds being killed, that they might be willing to speak up. Not just within the government, but, more importantly, with the clerics to say that this is not sustainable.”

Clinton also said that Israel should supply defensive weapons, including the Iron Dome defense system, to the Ukrainian government, as it is in the interest of the country’s national security.

“It is time to give much more sophisticated defense systems [to Ukraine] and I know there is a new government in Israel. They are rightly concerned about Iran, and because they are, they need to understand that Tehran and the Kremlin have made an alliance in which Iran is helping Russia, particularly with drone technology to wreak even greater destruction in Ukraine.”

“Now I think it should be understood that it is in Israel’s interest to prevent Iran from succeeding,” Clinton said. “If Iran and Russia deepen their military alliance… that is very dangerous for the whole world. But in particular for Israel. So Iron Dome, other means of defense [should be sent].”

Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile system is designed to counter long-range ballistic missiles and drones.

Clinton told CNN that such defensive measures would send a very clear signal of deterrence to both Tehran and the Kremlin.

“I think defensive measures are required and wherever they come from… America, other NATO nations, Israel, now is the time to send a very clear message to both Russia and Iran. That their behavior, their bombing of Ukraine, which they could perhaps apply to invade, occupy or bomb other nations, will stop right now,” the former US Secretary of State told CNN.

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