In a world where superheroes are as common as smartphones, the stakes are higher than ever. The moral compass is not just a philosophical concept but a tangible force that can tilt in any direction. Enter Godolkin University, an elite institution that is more than just a breeding ground for the next generation of superheroes. It’s a crucible where young men and women with extraordinary abilities are molded, tested, and sometimes broken. Prime Video’s upcoming series, Gen V, takes us into this intricate universe, expanding the narrative landscape set by the critically acclaimed series, The Boys.

The Ensemble Cast: A Tapestry of Complex Characters

Marie Moreau: The Blood Alchemist

Jaz Sinclair steps into the role of Marie Moreau, an 18-year-old with the unique ability to weaponize her own blood. As a freshman at Godolkin, overseen by the omnipotent Vought Corporation, Marie is eager to prove her mettle and secure a coveted spot in The Seven. However, a looming mystery at the university distracts her from her ambitions.

Andre Anderson: The Magnetic Prodigy

Chance Perdomo portrays Andre Anderson, a junior at Godolkin with magnetic abilities. Best friends with Golden Boy and the son of the renowned superhero Polarity, Andre has monumental shoes to fill. When he senses that something is amiss at the university, he takes charge to unravel the enigma.

Emma Meyer: The Diminutive Dynamo

Lizzie Broadway plays Emma Meyer, also known by her superhero alias, Little Cricket. Her power allows her to shrink to minuscule sizes. Despite her naivety, which often lands her in precarious situations, she forms a close friendship with her freshman roommate, Marie, and together they navigate the perilous landscape of Godolkin.

Indira Shetty: The Mastermind Without Powers

Shelley Conn embodies Indira Shetty, the dean of Godolkin University. Although devoid of superpowers, her unparalleled expertise in superhero psychology makes her an invaluable asset to the institution.

The Intricacies of Power: Beyond Academics

Cate Dunlap: The Compelling Charmer

Maddie Phillips takes on the role of Cate Dunlap, a junior who can compel people to do her bidding with a mere touch. Her power dynamics make her one of the most influential figures on campus.

Jordan Li: The Shape-Shifting Strategist

London Thor and Derek Luh share the role of Jordan Li, a competitive student who will stop at nothing to rise to the top. His unique ability to switch between male and female forms, each manifesting different powers, makes him a standout technical assistant at Brink’s School of Crime Fighting.

Sam: The Tormented Titan

Asa Germann plays Sam, a troubled soul desperate to escape his unfortunate circumstances. Despite his immense strength and invulnerability, he is plagued by hallucinations that sometimes blur the lines between reality and illusion.

Golden Boy: The Fiery Phenom

Patrick Schwarzenegger is Luke Riordan, also known as Golden Boy, a senior with the ability to set his entire body ablaze. Among the top of his class, he has the best odds of joining The Seven.

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The Guiding Forces: Mentors and Antagonists

Professor Rich “Brink” Brinkerhoff

Clancy Brown plays the role of Professor Brinkerhoff, a renowned crime-fighting educator who has trained superheroes like A-Train and Queen Maeve. He is committed to scouting the best new talents at Godolkin to join The Seven.

Dr. Edison Cardosa: The Medical Maestro

Marco Pigossi is Dr. Edison Cardosa, a gifted physician affiliated with Godolkin University.

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