One-Punch Man follows the story of Saitama, a bald man who can punch any monster or villain in front of him. Because of this, his life has become boring, so he is always looking for more powerful rivals who can challenge him.

Currently the series has two seasons, being one of the most popular worldwide, mainly thanks to its adaptations to manga and anime available on Netflix.

After what we saw in the second season of One Punch-Man that many considered “mediocre” in terms of animation, production and budget.

What awaits Saitama and company will be a new challenge that they may not be able to overcome: The Monster Association. The monsters have allied themselves and become a threat to society at large, so the heroes must deal with them.

If you thought that there would be no opponent capable of facing Saitama, you might be surprised when someone appears who you can’t defeat with one punch.

Will there be a third season of One-Punch Man?

Possibly we will have the third installment in the second half of 2023. It is all a simple announcement that we hope will be a reality soon with a trailer and the announcement of the date of the first chapter.

Of course, One-Punch Man fans are happy with the news, especially since they didn’t have high hopes for the anime, as season 2 ended since the summer of 2019.

Source: Estereofonica

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