Lucía Méndez, the renowned Mexican singer, is thrilled to announce the release of her latest musical masterpiece, “Por Amor a México.” As a seasoned artist, Lucía has always found immense satisfaction in performing ranchera songs throughout her career. This album, crafted with heartfelt emotions and inspired by her personal experiences of love and heartbreak, is sure to captivate the hearts of her fans. Lucía Méndez eagerly anticipates sharing this musical journey with her audience, hoping that they will embrace and enjoy the songs as much as she enjoyed creating them.

A Musical Triumph by Lucía Méndez

The long wait is finally over! Lucía Méndez, an iconic figure in Mexican music, has unveiled her highly anticipated album, “Por Amor a México.” This extraordinary musical endeavor showcases the talents of Alejandro Jaen, one of the industry’s most gifted producers, who has contributed both his production skills and some original compositions to this remarkable project.

Unforgettable Tracks and Collaborations

“Por Amor a México” features a selection of classic hits like “Fallaste Corazón” alongside thrilling collaborations with other esteemed artists. One such collaboration is a mesmerizing duet with the renowned singer Dulce on the track titled “Sabor a Nada.” The album’s lead single, “El Anillo,” was released on May 25th across all major digital platforms, generating significant anticipation for the complete album, which is now available as of May 26th. This exhilarating new production boasts executive production by Abraham Méndez, musical coproduction by Luigi Flores, and arrangements by Alejandro Jaen and Luigi Flores. The album’s striking cover photo was captured by Ivan Aguirre, with makeup and hairstyling by Javier de la Rosa. Esteban Piñeiro skillfully handled the mastering, while the recording took place at the prestigious JAEN Studios in Miami. The album will be distributed worldwide by ONErpm, a leading digital distribution company.

Musical Gems within “Por Amor a México”

“Por Amor a México” comprises a total of six exceptional tracks, including “Si Me Vas a Olvidar,” “Sigue Soñando,” and “Todo Pasará,” in addition to the aforementioned hits, “El Anillo,” “Fallaste Corazón,” and “Sabor a Nada.” Each song showcases the unmatched talent of Lucía Méndez and highlights Alejandro Jaen’s ability to create soul-stirring music.

Don’t miss out on the highly anticipated release of “Por Amor a México” now available on all major digital platforms! Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies and captivating lyrics as Lucía Méndez takes you on an extraordinary musical journey that celebrates the essence of Mexico and the power of love.

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Lucía Méndez Presents Her New Musical Album "Por Amor a México" 12

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