The future of Lionel Messi is an enigma. In June 2023 his contract with PSG will end, so in recent days the desire of F.C Barcelona to have him back in their ranks has become evident so that the Argentine finishes his career at the club in which he became a meet the world

But at this moment, in which the World Cup in Qatar is just around the corner, the Argentine only thinks of arriving at the best possible sporting level to try to win, in what would be his last chance, a world cup with Argentina. .

For this reason, according to the Spanish newspaper Marca, Messi would only sit down to talk with the clubs that want him after December 18.

The 35-year-old Argentine did not go well for Barcelona since, although he always expressed his desire to stay in the Blaugrana team, the leadership did not support that idea due to the financial problems that the club had at the time, which led to , surprisingly, will land in Paris in August 2021.

But in Barcelona they want him back, and it seems that the footballer would be willing to talk with them to finalize his return, although from the Spanish press they assure that there would be four conditions for that to happen.

What are Messi’s conditions to return to Barcelona?

  1. The first condition is that President Joan Laporta publicly apologize to Messi and that he recognize that he did not manage enough to be able to retain him in the Catalan team in 2021.
  2. The second condition is that from the club presidency they make a formal offer to Messi, in which they offer him a good salary, but not too high, so that in case Barcelona has any financial problems, the public opinion does not point to the Argentine player as the culprit, as happened in 2021, when he left.
  3. The newspaper Marca assures that Messi would return to the team only if they offer him a sports project that allows them to be protagonists on the international level again. Although the fact that Xavi Hernández is in charge of the team could help the Argentine return, it would be necessary to wait if what they offer him from the leadership manages to convince him.
  4. Finally, the idea is that Messi does not reach an agreement with PSG so that he can remain as a free agent, and that in this way from Barcelona they only take care of offering him a good salary.

If these four conditions are met, the Argentine soccer player could return to Barcelona, ​​a team in which he was trained and won, among other things, four editions of the Champions League. Winning it again has been his great obsession in recent years.

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