Maluma, the Colombian singer and songwriter, has recently celebrated his double triumph at the Premios Lo Nuestro 2023 Awards, where he won in the categories of “Canción Banda del Año” and “La Mezcla Perfecta del Año” with the song “Cada Quien,” which he performed alongside the Grupo Firme. Besides his successful music career, Maluma has been seduced by other business ventures related to music platforms.

One of these ventures is his investment in TREBEL, a music platform that allows users to listen to millions of songs without cost, interruptions, or an internet connection. The platform promises to combat piracy in Colombia and other countries where it is available.

“The music is universal, and when you travel to Latin American countries, you can see that many people do not have a subscription plan to access music when and how they want,” says Maluma. He has also joined the app’s management team as an advisor, a decision he made to help expand the app into new areas he had not experienced in business before.

“The technology and music are part of the current innovation of the world, which will continue to expand every day. So, it is the perfect time to merge my experience with music and business,” the artist explains.

Maluma is not the only investor in TREBEL. Other investors include Christopher Burch, founder of Burch Creative Capital; Thaddeus Young, a NBA player; and Alejandro Grisi, CEO of the Mexican group Grisi. The round in which Maluma participated raised the platform’s total funding to about $45 million.

About TREBEL Music

TREBEL Music is an application that allows users to download and play songs and albums for free. With TREBEL Music, users can listen to their favorite songs offline and share music with friends.

The app also offers a unique feature called “TREBEL Rewards,” which allows users to earn points for listening to music, sharing with friends, and completing other in-app activities. These points can be redeemed for prizes, such as concert tickets, gift cards, and exclusive experiences.

The Impact of TREBEL on the Music Industry

TREBEL’s business model aims to combat piracy, which has been a significant challenge for the music industry in Latin America. According to a study by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, in 2020, Latin America was the region with the highest piracy rates, with 63% of internet users accessing music through illegal channels.

TREBEL’s approach could help to reduce piracy rates by offering a legal and accessible alternative to users. Moreover, the platform’s unique features, such as offline listening and rewards, could attract a significant user base and generate revenue for artists and the music industry as a whole.


Maluma’s investment in TREBEL highlights the growing interest in music platforms and the potential for innovation in the music industry. TREBEL’s unique features and business model offer an alternative to piracy and could benefit both users and artists. With the support of investors like Maluma and its unique features, TREBEL could become a significant player in the music industry and transform the way users access and consume music.

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Maluma Invests in TREBEL, a Music Platform that Aims to Combat Piracy in Latin America 15

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